Friday, June 19, 2015

A Little This, A Little That

I did work on the family scrap books, mostly replacing photo pages I removed for one reason or another & sorting photos for each book. Many years ago, I was involved in a program year of my studies that was entitled 'retrospective'. I went through all my grandkids' photos for my final project and made each of them a scrap book and sent all those photos off to them. Then I decided to make one for myself and one for the family photos that I had. Those are the two books that still need my attention.
 I forget that looking at old photos takes a person (well, me any way) back to the moment, and the memories, and the people. Suddenly a flood of emotions comes rushing in with memories and wondering and ...well.

Next I created a dadaist-type poem. You cut out an article from the paper as long as you are tall. Small town newspapers have very short articles, so I needed about six of them for the project. Cut various words or phrases out, and then pull them from a container one at a time. The result is 'you'. Here is the order I pulled. Hmmm.

  • Well, I soon found out Spring is also the time of year where there is no previous experience required 
  • Learn to make a sensational presence in the community through information and fun activities
  • You'll have the opportunity to meet them as a reward for your hard work 
  • After years of a wonderful, delicious festivity, the fun, creativity and individual expressions are encouraged and nurtured
  • You can bet your life on it.

I came back into my studio to do the little bit to work on the borders for Amy's Cat quilt. I put the frame on first. The pattern says to put the thin border strips together and sew them on as one piece before adding the final border. It didn't look right to me, so I've brought out the ripper to re-do the corners.