Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Another Needle Keeper

Circumstances really do not change me. After all these decades on the planet, I am still the one who has to change my attitude, make my choices and take action no matter what is happening in me, to me or for me.

While waiting for the window guy to come this morning to caulk and do some last minute checking, I finished up the work on a needle keeper, and was able to get it ready for shipping.

My friend in CO saw the knitting needle keeper I made for a mutual friend, and asked me to make one for her partner in purple and aqua. The background on this print is more a light purple or lavender, but it was the best I could find at the stores. Actually, I hope she loves the butterflies because that is what sold me on the fabric. Its an easy pattern to make.

In addition to the needle keeper, I ran a stitch around the edges of the Cat Paper Piecing project so the paper can be removed without damaging any bias-cut fabrics. I took of most of the larger pieces of paper and now just need to pick at it to get threads cut and the papers off the edges and corners. I've learned a lot with this quilt.

The next few days and nights are all going to about hand work for a few mug rug bindings.

My 'design' floor is open now, and once I wiped down the floors to clean up after the window installer, it was ready for me to lay out the Constellations quilt. All the light triangles for the border are cut and laid out, and now to cut 18 dark border segments 17.5" long with both ends cut at 45 degree angles. It calls for clear thinking as I do this to make the border work. My plan is to do the shorter sections first. It will be magickal when it is done.