Tuesday, June 23, 2015


For whatever reason, our culture often teaches us how to focus on our flaws and short-comings more than on our accomplishments. I wonder if our parents and early teachers wanted us to learn modesty rather than to cultivate vanity or pride. They taught us to avoid being conceited. I have taken that to an extreme and feel shy in sharing my accomplishments. In fact, sometimes I down play what I am doing as if it has no redeeming social value.

Truth is there is so much good about each of us. About me. And the lists are long. As I quilt (and swap) I have been learning about personal generosity, open-heartedness, being open-minded and opening my soul to other beings. I see my own evolution of spirit; of being on the planet, and relating to others. I see so many good, good people in the world.

Yet there are times when I spend most of some days working on smaller projects that I have been valuing less than they deserve. Here is my progress on a very simple apron, a ritual broom for a swap, and July's Prayer Flag.

I think that until I face my entire truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me....that life is only a partial truth. And living in habitual self-deprecation isn't a virtue. Its a self-imposed disability that needs healing.

I cannot say I have this concept solid. I am working on it and it starts by not beating myself up over things I didn't get right the first or second or even third time I tried it. I want to think I am becoming skilled at what I am doing, but because there is always something new, there is more to learn.