Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Changing Nature

Usually we have no power to change the nature of anything. However, once a person evolves from a beginning quilter to a quilt-maker, something happens and we are able to change, to adapt, even to nurture our projects.

I cannot say this is an easy project, but it is coming along. All the sashing and cornerstones are on, and with a frame in green that matches. It took just a little urging to make the top and bottom rows of blocks fit with the center, and then a good press finished it off. The hardest part was measuring for the fit, which had to go block by block. It was only two rows of sashing, so not a big deal. 

I added a 5" border all around with cardinals on a golden background and it really is lovely. Not sure if I plan to do more or just finish it with the same green for binding. It needs to be measured now to see what comes next, if anything more.

The rest of my time was spent making a huge batch of chowmein for several meals, and then cutting up strawberries for a chilled pie. I am also making refrigerator tea...tea bags in water left to brew in the door. Temps have sky-rocketed into the 90's already, so planning ahead is always a wise choice. 

Again, the only change that is every really successful to make is in myself. Everything else will do what it will in spite of what I want.