Wednesday, April 20, 2016

#2 Bird Quilt Ready for Binding

I was able to finish the machine quilting on another one of the Bird Quilts. It needs trimming and the binding cut and machine sewn on so it can be finished by hand. I can hardly believe the work on these is so close to completion. They are such simple looking quilts.

It is a matter of getting them basted. My little machine has some nice decorated stitches that will let me 'stitch-in-the-ditch' and have the quilt look finished in a way that regular stitching lacks. Clearly, it is better for me to use than if I tried to do the free motion quilting. Each one of these, in its turn, is breathtaking for me. I am reminded of each week it took to embroider every block. Then of course, the selection of fabrics to finish it, matching, piecing. Every quilt is made for the Grandchild based on their birthday season. For instance, this one is roses for a Summer birthday and also because her middle name is Rose. I tried selecting birds/flowers that could complement the pink and embroidered pink banners to match the corner stones. I did this work for me. And I did the work for each of them. I can only hope they cherish it the way I did what I got from my Grandmother.