Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Birthday Table Runner

As it happened, the fabric selected for the backing did not fit, so Plan C went into effect. Eventually, my stash is going to go down to the dregs and make it ever so difficult to build quilt projects. When that time comes, I will make different choices. For now, it is successful.

This is another such project, crafted from scraps, shopped from my closet. I used an echo machine stitch, which just runs an outline around the shapes and then outlines the outlines. Echo.

This piece is obviously a birthday event runner and is generic for any age and any gender. Because the quilting showed all those random stitches on the back, I put the label in the corner. Now, it is ready and will wait until mid-September for me to ship it to her. Meanwhile I will look for a box to ship it in that can also be used for storage. Feels good to be done with that project.

The next project cut from the batting is another Lil Twister Heart wallhanging in Fall colors. Again, pulling from the 5" charm bin to create it all, I think this one is going to be lovely for the season. Seams have been checked, machine quilted and working on the binding. The back is pieced muslin. It took almost three threaded bobbins that used up one partially used spool. One of the interesting 'shopping' excursions into my closet meant using vintage thread too. I learned, the hard way, that it is best to use the same thread, top and back so that they don't peek through to the other side. It requires planning so that they do match. It really looks nice. I love this pattern and tool. The green for the binding seems to coordinate though it was not the same as the first border. 

My funny the challenge is how often I reach for something and think I should save it...save it for what???? I am trying to use what I have so this makes absolutely no sense. Thing is, what I have is primarily what was left over from the quilting closets of other people. So this fabric, this thread is getting old. Well, let me not get started on the value of old things.

I've read numerous comments about using the vintage threads and fabrics, and it seems to be personal preference as well as knowing what you have. Obviously, anything that got damp, exposed to sunshine, smoke and dust should be tossed, in my opinion. I pre-sorted what I received and either tossed or gave away things I couldn't use so my time wasn't ill-spent.