Friday, April 8, 2016

Backs, Metaphysically Speaking

I finished weeding the gardens, put all the dead plant matter in the trash and then came indoors to scrub and vacuum floors. Of course my back felt it. I am not 50, even though I act as if... And so when I started thinking about the quilting projects, I pulled out the 2.5" strip bin that has a quilt back project in it.

Metaphysically, backs represent the support we feel in life. And when our backs are in distress, and if we want to heal, we face issues where we need support financially, emotionally and for all other reasons.

I have been cutting my 2.5" strips into 2 lengths for these blocks; 14" and 7". My note-to-self indicates trimming them to a 12" size and then just stacking them in the bin. They will alternate and be quite scrappy and will work wonderfully as a back for any quilt top. What I am learning is how much time it takes to assemble them. I've gotten into the habit of cutting them to both sizes and placing them in this small container, so when I get to piecing, its a matter of simply grabbing three of the 14" and seven of the 7". 

Random is random. I remember when this random-ness first started in my quilts that I was so very careful about coordinating. Now, I just try to piece two strips of different colors or fabrics. In the end, the more random, the better it will look.

YET, this represents how working from my closet exists. I am excited to keep building the backs! I have enough blocks made so that I can start joining them into a complete back. It seems that the scrappy backs will be ready for 2017 quilts. Lot of putzie work this year with little to show that will actually make next year's quilts fly going together. It is exciting.