Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Another Scrap Quilt

One of the pieces given to me was a sort of patriotic panel. Its kicked around in my bins (stash) until I found some ideas for using it by looking at quilting ideas for panels. Again, it is a piece, a quilt, that has no designation, so I am not in a hurry to work on it. It just looks like pieces of fabric so not worth photographing.

Sometimes things just happen. Like now. The clubhouse is closed for repairs to the kitchen, which means closed for me to baste. I have a lot of basting projects and just bought enough batting to get a lot of them done. The batting is sitting in bags in a box in the entry. Not worth photographing. 

So to keep busy, I have delved into the bins and pulled out other projects that are not ready for basting. For instance aprons. Good goddess! 

Aprons are not easy. I am only working on one of them to get it to the assembly stage. Its not worth photographing because it just looks like strips of fabric.

I suppose this is the process that it takes to move each project on to its next stage. 

After I finished the 2 quilt backs, I posted photos on Facebook and said they would be stored for next year when they would get matched with tops, basted and quilted. Next year, those 2 projects will seem like they flew. Not so. I am doing the work, but not taking the photos.

These things don't just happen. It might seem that way, yet I know how much work I do every day and know that all the steps take time. Ah well. Pictures will come along. In time.