Thursday, April 7, 2016

Building the Back

I followed the suggestion for making a Granny Square quilt, with the intention of building a back for a future quilt. 

Suggestions have a tremendous impact on us. Sometimes suggestions send me into a tailspin when I try so very hard to do it their particular way. That expert. What I know about shopping from my closet is that I can read a pattern or work with a suggestion, and then have to do my own thinking about it and do what works for what I have on hand.

The first part of the sashing is on for five rows that have four blocks in each of them. It might be hard to see in the pic, however, the background purple is like the color of a grape popsicle. Because this is a back, a scrappy back, a small challenge to make it fit with the top is going to be easy by just measuring more of the purple as borders and cutting it to size. However, it will rest now and wait for the top. 

I am quite happy with how it turned out and do have something in mind for the top. It is a 'kit' I planned to work on next year. I think it had a lighter background with various prints in purple tones. It would be fun if they can coordinate and make that quilt almost reversible.

I did spend time on other projects, trying to take them to the next step. More cutting. This time I took out a tote bag of black print scraps and cut them to the various sizes I use. It seems to be one way to refresh the stash.

My quilting is not as artistic as some people do. While I am confident in doing my own thing, I haven't really deviated too much from traditional quilting. And actually, I enjoy how I can think a project through.

I have one UFO (unfinished object) that I may never get back to, and then again, maybe I will. I was following an OLD pattern that used a very primitive method for triangle pieces. I got so terribly confused and frustrated that I stopped working on it. Yes, that was a tailspin of my energy. Like a plane caught in an uncontrollable situation, I crashed and burned.

I've been waiting for an opening at the clubhouse so I can start basting again, and then get on with the machine quilting of all these projects. I need to lay Jane's Peppermint Kisses out on a couple of tables to make sure the setting triangles are going the correct direction.

And then there is yard work. Weeds. Mowing. Raking. Planting. Its a wonderful time of year.