Saturday, April 16, 2016

Small Stuff

I spent more time making labels. They aren't all that professional, and yet, why should they be? The goal of my quilting is to be better at loving. I have accomplished many things in life, and this is the one goal I have always reached for personally, professionally and privately. Love.

And then I continued work on an appliqued table runner for my younger Son's Lady. She told me her favorite holiday is her birthday; everyone's birthday. This table runner seems perfect. She can store it and bring it out whenever she wants to celebrate. What has been nice, because I have never done machine applique, is that the larger pieces helped me guide the machine using the decorated stitch. Now that the pieces on it are getting smaller, I feel almost 'skilled'. Luckily, I have time to get it to her before October. The top is done now and I need to see if there is something for the backing, and if I have enough batting for it. I decided to echo quilt around everything appliqued in place and really love it.

And of course, I did a total of three labels for his quilts. I will bring a bit more fabric and thread to do more if he wants more done while I am there. 

Her's is the only other family quilt I am making this year, and is still in layout form. Soon. Maybe that clubhouse will open and I can get back to doing the basting. Meanwhile. Here's to the small stuff that needs doing as well.