Thursday, April 14, 2016

Quilting Labels

I stopped making labels almost as soon as I started them. One of the recipients (a dear family member) told me she wished that the back of my wallhanging had not had one so she could use the quilt reversed. I didn't know about the tradition and from that time on, wrote on a small space that could go unnoticed.

What about me gives in like that? Grrrr.

Even quilts with labels can show the backside. 

When I posted 2 pics of the most recent projects (quilt backs) on Facebook, one of my Sons asked if I would re-pair his favorite quilts by ADDING labels. One of the women he used to date set up quilt shows, so he became familiar with the tradition after attending them with her. He sent me pics of the two quilts he uses most for a start on this project. I remembered the name for one of them. It was made with flannel scraps both front and back because it gets mighty cold in Minnesota. The name I gave it is "Winter IS Coming" from the HBO series Game of Thrones. I had a strip of this solid green and used a floss that was a color in the quilt to embroider the information on it. I may move the words to the center of my hoop and embroider some vines around it for a framed look.

I am not sure about the second one's name or date. When I did a search this morning for quilting traditions, I found this site: how-to-quilt/finishing/making-quilt-labels which gives information that I knew way back then and dismissed it in my attempt to please non-quilters.

I will make a few more labels to take with me and at least get the 'to & from' information on them as a start so I can add to my Son's quilts. I planned to bring my hoop and another embroidery project, so will be prepared to do the labels.

I want to do more online searches for fancy-schmantzie labels so that I will feel better about them going on and being part of the quilt and something a person would be ok showing on the backside.