Saturday, April 23, 2016

Cutting the Batting

It surprised me to see that I could get four projects from the one batting package. I mopped the floor first even though it looked clean, then started with the quilt size project, cut two wallhanging/table toppers, and then the birthday table runner. There is still more of the batting left from this package that will go in the batting scrap bin.

Now I can baste each of them and start machine quilting. This will keep me busy for a couple of weeks, with the machine quilting and then binding. After crawling around on the floor for awhile, I know why getting to the clubhouse is so wonderful. The space I made was under the dining room table, which I pushed in the other room. Its roomy enough, yet crowded compared to working in the clubhouse with lots of standing room around two lunch-room size tables pushed together. It can be done, yet the effort it takes is also more than is necessary. And I have yet to baste.