Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Found Another Pattern for a Back

As I browsed some old quilting magazines, I found an easy pattern that I can make into a back. It calls for 12 pieces that are 1/3 yard each. What I thought was interesting is that when I separated my scraps into various lengths this time, I ended up with a pile of 13 pieces that could be cut for this quilt back.

It is called a Ribbon Box, and after googling several images, I discovered that just about any combination will work. Most of the fabrics in that stash bin are darker, but there are some lights as well. I need to play with the concept for a little while. Looks to finish at around 55"x63", and again can be extended by adding more of the white even though it would mean not having the ribbons go to the very edges.

One thing I learned in an early class was to snip a piece of the fabric and glue-stick it to the pattern and be able to keep them sorted out. I also want to make sure the pieces coordinate in the event that the recipient wants to show this side out too.