Sunday, April 24, 2016

Another Bird Quilt (#2) Finished

While the bird quilts will have the theme of state birds and state flowers in common, they will be different in two ways; first is the sashing, cornerstone, binding and back; second is that they will each have 15 different blocks.

I love this dark blue with pink roses on it. The green backing gave me enough to do a 'peeper' border. And then the pink, a brighter pink rather than pastel, is on the cornerstones. There are also larger green cornerstones on each of the actual corners. I don't remember why I did that anymore because this one, like the others, have been so long in the making.

What I am aware of, as much as lessons come from my quilting, is how important it is for me to be clear with my intentions. This is the reason why I started making notes-to-self. My notes for these quilts, a 7-in-1 project, have been much more clear than anything else I have ever made.

What I continue to learn about clarity and intentions is that they represent a place that I want to reach. I believe that the clarity of intentions is what helps me focus my energy so that all of the universe can support me. The next part of it might be the part I have trouble with, and that is the part of letting go. Sometimes I get what I want. Sometimes not. Sometimes its about the journey which is often more of an adventure than I could ever have imagined. Clarity and focus on the goal helps me see when I get there.

I do know that this project evolved over so many decades now, bringing me endless emotions, a lot of angst, and even joy.  It is far from over. I have the batting for them, and yet two of them do not have fabric purchased for backs.

As soon as the clubhouse opens, I will baste again and meanwhile, do what I can with what I have.