Monday, April 11, 2016

Quilt Back

A friend and I were chatting today about comments we get when we answer that some days are good and some are challenging. Getting support is hard. Getting helpful support would be a gift. However, what does that look like and how do we tell people what kind of support we need IS?

This is what I think about when I work on a quilt back because, as I have said before, the metaphysical issue for our human body backs is support.

I finished this most recent scrappy back. There are leftover blocks which could be used to extend the quilt beyond its current 70"x80". Or it can wait for more strip scraps and assemble another back! I love how it turned out and know that whatever is on the top and however the top is quilted, that the back will complement it nicely.

Does this translate into personal support? Well, when I think about what I might like, it does. I want my personal support to accept my choices (quilt top pattern, colors and quilting). I want my choices to be peaceful enough for my greater good that they make sense to the others in my life. 

Well, this gets put away with some notes-to-self for next year's quilting. If it needs extending or cutting back, most of the work is done now and it will be easy-breezy.