Sunday, April 17, 2016

Birthday Table Runner

I love how the top turned out. I did find two pieces, both which can either serve as the back or the binding. With all the packages of batting I have, I am still waiting to get into the clubhouse and use it on larger quilts before doing these smaller projects.

I plan to pre-wash that red again, even though I remember doing it before. I simply do not trust reds. And although the blue was originally planned for binding and the red for the back, I am thinking I might reverse them. The table runner turned out so cute even though it doesn't follow the pattern guidelines. The stars are on the bottom and the banners in the middle lay differently. I might reinforce the batting in the middle just for extra cushion for whatever might go on it.

I do have out of town company coming tomorrow so might not have time to quilt or to blog. If that happens, see you as soon as Tuesday!