Friday, April 15, 2016

Patriotic Quilt Top

We do not have to feel perfectly certain or confident in the outcome to quilt. We simply have to try. The fun thing about this is that if it doesn't work, a quilter can rip.

Often, I encountered many projects where my thoughts and actions filled me with anything other than confidence. I think boldness has a sort of magick in it that proves we can do what is right at the right time.

Without a pattern, I have completed another top which measures 70" x 52", perfect for a personal nap quilt. It is constructed completely from scraps or give-away fabrics that I gathered and put in a 'kit'. There is enough fabric for the back and the binding, and enough scraps to do something else with later. I pulled the top over me as I sat on my love seat and it seems just fine to snuggle under and watch TV. 

Soon enough, the clubhouse kitchen will be re-done and the place open for me to baste again. Then all my days will be spent machine quilting. Meanwhile, I keep at the small stuff.