Friday, April 22, 2016

Preparing the Quilt

I measured my projects, and did a bit of calculating to discover that I might be able to get two of them out one package of batting if they are laid together like puzzle pieces. Then I spent time checking seams, clipping threads, pressing, and being sure that the top would fit the back.

My progress was halted a bit because Brother went into the hospital with some blockages. They put in two stints for two of them that were 80% blocked, and have him waiting for surgery on the one in the back of his heart that is 100% blocked. He is so healthy. Walks a lot, eats right, doesn't drink or smoke. And he is younger than I am. 

I felt pretty stressed and would rather not do much quilting because I believe we put our energy into the work, for good or not. Its been quite the lessons for me about letting go, and knowing that there are some things I am going to feel anxious about.