Monday, April 18, 2016

Quilting Partner Visits

Years ago, I participated in an International Christmas Block Swap and met a woman who lived in the states. One goal of the swap was to make friends, and we did. She & her Husband stopped in today for a visit as they traveled from AZ to WA. They came for a late lunch, stayed a couple of hours and continued on their journey.

I don't usually get much company so was delighted!

She is one of my friends who makes 'charity' quilts for kids in need, for whatever their need. She's made thousands of them over the years. She says she makes them as easily and inexpensively as possible and feels as though it is her way to pay it forward.

Her Husband was just as sweet, just as kind and supports her work. They brought their pup too. A rescue dog. 

Everything about her and them makes me glad to know them, glad to be alive in the world at the same time they are. 

Lunch was all too brief, and just enough for them to ease their hunger on the way to Bakersfield where I am sure they will get dinner and sleep before going on. They have three more days before getting to their home. Nice. Glad for it.