Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Sometimes when the project nears completing, I forget how much work has gone into it. And sometimes when a person shops from her closet and thinks all that is left is icky, things change as the project comes to fruition. 

It took a long time to sort through those 2.5" squares to find enough for 20 blocks. (8 of one fabric was harder than I thought it would be.) Then it took hours to pin, piece the squares into blocks. I am no where near done. I was concerned that using this icky dark purple tone-on-tone would not produce results even a quilt back would love. Yet, here are the first blocks and its going to have great depth and lovely colors, even using the left-overs or discards.

The blocks get trimmed and then there is a sashing of the same purple. This is not a particularly hard block to make, however, it does take time. Every combination will be different even when I use some of the same fabrics. With 20 blocks, there will be a variety and it will take some sorting. While I did try to put three coordinating fabrics together, sometimes that wasn't possible. It wasn't so much planning as it was making do with what I had.