Thursday, April 28, 2016

Decorative Stitch for Quilting

I am using a serpentine decorative stitch on my machine for the little personal nap quilt for a little grrrlie-grrrl. It took almost 3 threaded bobbins, and I think this is about the same for a simple running stitch. Seams look cleaner to me and so I will continue using it and other decorative machine quilted stitches.

It makes sense to me to have it stitch on the seam lines of the squares to reinforce or stabilize it against fraying with a lot of washes that it might have. This particular quilt doesn't have a designated recipient and so will go into the finished bin. 

The back of the quilt is made of 5" strips Moda called Dessert Roll pre-cuts, which they no longer sell. I pulled out pieces from my stash that were also used on the top and coordinate if the either side is folded over. Usually it takes a couple of nights to hand sew binding. There is some yellow 'princess' fabric cut to size that is sewn on and ready.

It is my intention to make a number of comfort quilts to send when need arrives. Quilts take a fair amount of time to finish and crisis strikes as it will. 

I do have a box filled with the Dessert Roll pre-cuts, even though they were not WOF (width of fabric) and will use them for other backs. I discovered some other patterns which could be of interest, yet, just joining them to make the desired size worked very well.