Saturday, March 7, 2015

10" Squares

There is no such thing as standing still, at least not for me. I like to think of my life as either moving forward or taking a step back.

I can see how my sewing machine needs replacing soon enough, yet for now, it is serving me. I finished a top that is made of 10" squares, pieced randomly and not repeated anywhere. I've been told that the more variety there is in such a quilt, the less it has to match. I usually try to vary the lights and darks and that's about it. Its got a Note-To-Self with it and will be folded away to complete later. 

I would like to start using more of my cut squares for quilt tops once I get the family quilts done this year so I can practice free motion quilting on them. I did a lot of cutting while my machine was in for service so have stacks and stacks of them ready to use.

What I think is funny is how people respond to this kind of pattern as if it takes them back to quilts their Grandmothers made.