Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wait. What?

As I sit here shaking my head, I know that last year, I had a system where I highlighted what I had done on the project pattern. I really, really thought it would be enough. I am being quite harsh with myself, and only because this whole project seems more than I can understand.

I question my logic. At the time, it seemed logical to highlight the completed steps on the project. Something happened to make me set it aside. Usually its that I hit a wall of understanding or skill. Did I evolve over time to want have a better set of directions or am I being irrational? 

Everything needs pressing, counting and matching. I see that I swatched out some of the fabrics onto the pattern, so at least I thought I knew what some of my original intentions for it were. Nope.

And yes, of course, at that time I did not make Notes-To-Self, so it really is not going to be easy peezy to step back into the project. I think this is the last of the ones from last year, and is under the old system of highlighting.

Luckily, the photo on the pattern shows me the general plan. Its got to be one of those projects that goes one step at a time on the machine, stitching borders on and together. 

I spent a couple of hours on it now just trying to figure it out. I did press some pieces, but am no closer to knowing what I am doing than before it got unpacked.

If I am my own quilting cop, judge, jury and executioner, I am not going to penalize myself for something beyond my skills and understanding. If I am my own doctor, nurse, therapist, then I will appreciate myself for what I was when I started this project, who I am right now, and how I will proceed. 

When this project is finally finished & on its way to my Brother-In-Law, I am going to be the star ballerina wearing red shoes, who understands that when you stumble, you make it part of the dance. No one will know, no one will see.

Yes, I did write a Note-To-Self before putting it away.