Friday, March 20, 2015

Vacation Until Monday

I know!  Plans are to leave early in the morning for at least 5 hours on the road all the way up to Yosemite. I haven't been there for decades and it seems to be a perfect weekend to go. Obviously, I won't have web access so will not be here until Monday or Tuesday. I spent the day shopping for groceries so I could make and take some meals in the cooler. The motel has a refrigerator and a micro. I've made an eggplant dip, a tomato & onion salad, soup, and have all sorts of things to go with everything. I still need to pack and luckily have a list.

I did finish the two other Churn Dash blocks and got them in the mail. The top ones are the more traditional look and so she will have choices. I am sure she will go for those. I like how they form another diamond at the corners. Nice look.

Vacations are a way to re-start our internal clocks. And California has endless ecosystems. Yosemite is cold this time of year, which is a consideration for what clothes to bring. In the past, I would have brought my laptop, some hand sewing or embroidery work. However, my plan is to just be away from everything here at home and enjoy the trip up and back home. All my swaps are current, and with luck, my mailbox will be filled with goodies when I return.