Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Return to Paper Piecing

I worked on my older Son's Constellations quilt again and have 4 of the star blocks pieced. So many steps to the stars. 

The outside garden project called to me too. Weather is just lovely here right now and perfect for doing heavier labor outside before the heat makes it less comfortable. Steps to the pond are in. It needs at least 6 bags of top soil to form the foundation for the rocks. Then, I washed down the rooftop to my shed, which I plan to paint as soon as possible. Unfortunately, its not going to be an easy job.

There is a comfort in returning to various quilting projects. Besides a bit of piecing on the Constellations quilt, the cat paper piecing sections were trimmed for the next few black and batik pieces. Once this is completed, all of the half blocks will be pinned, and threads clipped. I am going to leave at least one half of the paper on so I know how to lay out the top. Its exciting to be this close.