Thursday, March 19, 2015


One of my swap partners this month asked for a 6" churn dash pattern using the same fabrics in reverse. This IS a churn dash pattern that uses three fabrics. I was a bit confused with what I'd found. However, now I am thinking I might like to make a couple using only two colors. 

Something tells me she wants a different look. I think. I followed the pattern, yet when I went looking online for images, other patterns only used two fabrics where the center frame is predominate. While these might be just fine, I am making two more of them with just the two colors and pulled out the cream. Her instructions were to reverse two fabrics, one light and one dark. If she is making a quilt with only a 2-color pattern, then these first ones are not correct. They are not wrong, but not correct either. I'll include the pattern I used for them.

When communication is not completely clear for both people to understand what is meant, even the best of intentions can bring about misunderstanding. Now that I made these two, I see that I was not following her wishes.

We give enough information that we think is clear. Yet, when others respond to us in ways that are not what we wanted, the natural tendency is to blame the other person for faulty interaction. We have a responsibility to be clear communicators both in sending and receiving. If I send only these AND they are not what she wants, then it follows that she will be disappointed in the swap.

Am I contacting her for more clarity? No. I am taking the opportunity to learn from this and see it as an adventure. 

Another swap I joined is the monthly Halloween Trick or Treat Stuffer. This month's theme is black cats, so I whipped up another simple mug rug. Not doing anything fancy for these stuffers but think my partners will be pleased. Do I know? Well, the swaps are wrapped and to be saved for an October opening. And its a 'sender's choice', so when you sign up for such a swap, you are open to receive whatever comes your way. We are told to send things we would like receiving ourselves. Most of my mug rugs have come from my friend Rex in private swaps we have done. I make good use of every one!