Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Seeing Stars

Spent more time on the Constellation quilt. Its amazing to me how my fabric and color selections are creating unique stars. When we look into the sky, at first glance, they are all alike. It isn't until we learn about the various constellations that we see the unique patterns in the sky. So it is with our lives, our friendships, our work, our pleasure. 

The star blocks are coming together and more will surface during the next round of piecing. These are the first completed. The pattern called for so many dark squares, so many lights. Now I see how the darks make up the 4-patches in the centers as well as the points of the star, and the lights surround the star. I also see that I thought enough ahead to make each star block almost mono in colors giving the eye a place to rest amidst all the scrappy look of it all. It was a stash buster, but one that has taken work to complete.

The other block I made for the Christmas block swap looks like gift wrap. Again, scraps. The original pattern calls for all the reds to be more scrappy, yet, with one block that will go with maybe two others for a table runner, it just seems wise to do less scrappy. I loved how this turned out, and the first one I made as a test block is going into the younger Grandson's holiday quilt.

I've changed my personal block request within this group from Wonky Houses/Trees to any star block. I did request specific colors for the stars and so it will be quite interesting to see what comes starting in May. I do have a plan in mind.

It makes me wonder if our desire to be unique is reasonable or if fitting in is the illusion. It seems to me, as I quilt these blocks for quilts I make as well as for the swaps, and those received them from other quilters, that being unique is just what is required to fit in.