Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Stars in Everyday (post for Wed.)

I remember being taught in Journalism classes long ago that a mob is mindless, and it doesn't matter who its members are. What a journalist wants to do is appeal to community and individuals in the community. It is the task of the journalist to do enough background work to know who the members of the community are so the focus of a story touches as many or all of them on some level.

We are one because we are many.

The next round of stars for the Constellation quilt grew from what I had yesterday, yet only half of them for the entire quilt are made. With this batch, its less easy to select one star to stand out, and in fact, the unifying factor is only that they are stars. I am loving the look of them.

I've pinned the next round of blocks and am setting it aside for a little while.  As soon as all blocks are constructed, seams need checking and all of them trimmed for size. I've already cut apart one of them and tossed it in the pet bag scraps. Not sure how it turned out so badly but it seemed that starting over rather than trying to fix it was more time effective. If I need to make more replacements, I would like to sort by color and see if one color is under-represented.

Its as though all the voices in the community need to be heard. Everyone is a star in her own right.