Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pretty Pink Plate (Dresden)

I brought home a book from the library that I want to study. There is something about continuing education that appeals to the eternal student in me.

This one claims to be 'absolutely the easiest, most successful method for choosing colors and fabrics to create quilts you love'. Its got a color wheel in each chapter and numerous examples of how to match colors. Thing is, I am still working with my stash as a primary source for what I use. Yet, it makes sense to know this information.

One of my swap partners asked for her block in pinks and mauve. I don't tend to buy pink and yet knew there were probably scraps left from other projects, so spent time searching the stash. That part takes time. Once I'd found fabrics, I decided upon the pattern and selected the Dresden Plate. It would make a lovely quilt, even using scraps up and making each plate a different color.

It takes 5" of fabric by about 2.5" wide to make the blade size to fit the 12.5" block, and so then I started cutting and piecing. This one took 20 different fabrics, and still needs that center circle, and a piece for background. I have both hand and machine stitched the plate to the background when I have done this block in the past, and will see how my time goes. Pinks in my stash are all but gone and have gone to many super projects.

I think I have an eye for color arrangement and make good use of what I have in my stash. However, I second guess myself a lot. My tendency is to do more mono combinations. One theory with scrap quilting is the more different fabrics you use, the less worry there is in coordinating them, and in truth, the more you can get away with doing.

Second guessing my actions isn't just for my quilting projects. I do it all the time in my head and carry on silly conversations that no one hears. Its not so much indecision or lack of confidence, but more weighing my choices and evaluating the natural consequences. 

Sometimes I whine about those mystery quilt retreats because I don't know what I am doing with the material I get. But really. The whole idea is to create a palate of colors and fabrics that is appealing and then let the magick happen.

I am going to study this book during the week and let some of the concepts sink in. I have a fair amount of stash to work with yet and of course, because it is getting down doesn't mean all the good pieces are gone.