Sunday, March 15, 2015

Real Life is Happening on Earth

While I am still doing things for my quilting projects, like selecting fabric and patterns, pinning, piecing and pressing, the real work these days is out in my gardens. And I am not really taking my camera with me.

This morning, I attended to the SW corner, blowing fall leaves out under bushes and from the rocks, trimming dead plant matter and moving rock. I filled one of those big trash containers before stopping.

The outdoor project is ambitious this year. It starts with the relocation of a small pond I put in a couple of years ago. I set it too close to an arbor with new vines. Well, the vines grew and the neighbor's Cat hid so she could catch birds. Birds stopped coming to the pond.

Over many years, I harvested rocks as big as I could lift (and some bigger to take 2 people). I love stacking rocks and landscaping with them. And this re-location is actually the 4th time I've done a pond in my gardens!

Plants go through a 3-year growth pattern after you put them in: Sleep, Creep and Leap. Most of these are leaping and well-estabished.

A new trench was dug for additional electrical conduit. That also got put together this morning with the cord pulled through. Now its a matter of sealing the pipe and burying it, then covering it with rock so it looks like it spilled down the little hill. I need to put in two sets of steps, finish covering over  everything with the rock to make it look as natural as possible, and the pond will be ready to fill with water.

Real life is happening on Earth and real action is taking action. As years go by, eventually I will be the one sitting on a bench looking at what is out there. Its my plan to remember that what I did made it a more beautiful place.