Sunday, March 1, 2015

Colorizing Fabric

Sanity wins out for me every time, no matter how it looks to anyone else, or how many times I change the way things look. Its something internal for me. My personal sanity is the ability to think and act on my own, even when it means changing my mind. Often.

Colorizing fabrics was a bust. I sorted all the Fat Quarters (FQ) by values of light to dark, and then put all the other size pieces in bins the way they were cut yesterday, and put the bins back in the closet. I did roll the 2.5" strips by color. That was more than enough. My studio is pretty organized now and everything is behind closed closet doors.

Things started to feel insane once I looked at all the different stacks and piles, the logic of having them all colorized made no sense. Some fabric stores colorize, some group by manufacturer or designer. I don't have that much fabric, and right now, how it is is just fine. It wasn't perfection panic that set in over doing the task, it was no longer caring to be that obsessive.

Then I could hear music in my head. The theme from "Jaws". Its the only movie I cannot watch alone or with a roomful of people, so when the music plays in my head, its a signal that a Shark Spirit Guide is singing, making its way to me. Sharks are in perpetual motion in the ocean-always going forward with curiosity, they powerful, ancient, and are unsinkable by nature. I figure they remind me to operate with the least resistance in my life, and to move forward with my evolution. There are days when I am the swimmer on the surface, and days when I am the shark in the deep. 

I am moving along with other quilting projects to cut what needs cutting, to pin what needs pinning. Monday will complete the first week of the machine in the shop. There is still things I can do, and I am moving forward without resisting the goals.