Friday, March 27, 2015

Continuing Education

Recovery, health, happiness. Everything is a choice, even continuing education. We can choose to stay where we are in life and feel our limitations or find new ways to evolve.

Harvesting Rock is hard on my body, and maybe hard on the car. This pond project should have been just relocating the rock as I relocated the pond. Logically, if I dug the pond out of one place and moved it to another, it would have seemed that I could have had the same materials....dirt from the new hole should have been enough to fill the old hole....rock from the left side should have been enough for the right side.

However, in the course of the project, I bought 9 bags of top soil filler, and harvested two trunks full of Rock. Of course, the lawn had to be mowed so I could pull the dolly from the driveway through the back yard. (The pond form is a dark gray about mid-way on the left side of the photo.) It had been nearer the arbor on the right side of the photo.

Anyway, after all my tasks outdoors, when I came inside, I was REALLY tired. I ate a good lunch, had a couple of glasses of water, and put some back ointment on, just for comfort before it started to hurt. I always lift carefully, but, the old bones just aren't what they used to be.

The thought of trying to quilt was too much. I turned on You Tube and found a number of tutorials for scrap quilting. They were on a sort of loop, so I was able to watch one after another and just relax my body.

It seemed like there was at least one nugget of wisdom I took from each of them, whether it was a pressing technique or a new use for scrap sizes. And then, I fell asleep for about half an hour. Was I continuing to learn while I napped and the tutorials ran? Is this why I dream quilting? Hmmm.

And now, I will do another round on the paper piecing project by cutting black for the next pieces. Its getting there. Lots of hours to get there. I am really grateful I took the time to number all the pattern copies and hope that matching and layout will go smoothly.