Sunday, March 8, 2015

Halloween Pillow Swap

One of the swaps I just finished is a Halloween Tombstone Pillow. Not everyone gets a kick out of the Death concept. Its too close to reality that we all must die or that someone we know and miss died.

However, I thought it was a cute idea and pulled out what gray fabric I had in my stash and made my first one, which will go to my partner. Usually I keep the test projects and send off the next one where I learned from my mistakes. She asked for her name to be on it, and said she was Pagan rather than Christian. I added a pentagram, and found some words,  "Brave enough to burn. Fearless enough to fly." The top part didn't work for me with its tombstone ridges, so when I do another one for myself, I will make it rectangular. And honestly, the photo doesn't do it justice. It is really cute.