Saturday, March 28, 2015


Sometimes apathy falls over us like a smothering blanket meant to put out a fire whenever we let sadness turn into depression. Fires go out and depression sets in, for everyone at some time in their lives. 

I think one of the reasons why I quilt, why I garden or landscape, and why I write is to avoid falling under its influence. Yes, I push myself to engage. I push myself harder than anyone else could ever do. I've always felt healthier when I care about something in my life, whether it is a long-time friend I haven't seen in awhile, or working for justice in the environment. Quilting also makes me care because I make them for people I love.

I just finished a round of paper piecing rows. I care about the woman who is my friend who asked me to make this quilt. I envision her wrapping up in it or tossing it over her sofa. I see her smile and know her smiling is because she cares. She cares about education of less fortunate children. She cares about helping young women prepare for jobs and higher education. She cares about the environment. It is no wonder I care about her.

A quilt made with love isn't a smothering blanket, but is like an angel's touch of comfort, a friend's reminder of shared laughter, a mother's labor of love. I kept reminding myself of this as I worked, and wondered if I would ever get finished with this step of the paper piecing project.

And as I picked up the folder that held the pattern pieces, only three remained for this step. It took me about 45 minutes to finish. Now, I need to take out the bin and match the blocks for pinning and joining. Because its worth celebrating to get this far on a project so very unfamiliar, I found that my internal fires are burning hot and bright right now. 

Woohoo is in order.