Monday, March 16, 2015

Colorizing Greens

I finished two blocks for a swap, though only one was required. I simply wanted to try out the different patterns. I've got so many more pieces pinned and at my machine so when it gets turned on later this morning, there will be a lot of progress made on a number of projects.

Its interesting how the look of these blocks can change with just the slightest shift in fabrics. This first one has yellow in it and the floral is more summery. Its called a "No-name" pattern. I've made it before and really like it.

This one is called "Shooting Star 2". It has an entirely different feel, even though it is the same green. The gold of these fall flowers changes the visual. I know that the pictures can take on different hues.

Finding perspective is an interesting challenge, whether it is in quilting or in my mundane life. I really love working with color and finding ways to make my quilt projects come to life.

I went outside again in the late afternoon, took some pics of the progress AND THEN started working to dig the pipe in and after it was set, and the cord run through, I opened a bag of soil filler and covered up a section with it and some rock.
Thing is, rocks vibrate energetically so slowly that they don't photograph well with a simple camera & much of the perspective is lost here. This pic shows the new pond location just above the sage plant to the left. The dirt flow is where the steps will go. The first section of the pipe is covered with dirt and rock already. The push is on to finish because once the leaves and vines start to bud out, everything changes out there. I've also decided to give the rooftop of the shed a coat of rustolium to protect it. Right now its not rusting but left another season or two, the rust will start to eat away things. I should have started it earlier, but it is on top of my To-Do list.