Monday, March 9, 2015

Disappearing 4-Patch to Swap

The quilt block swap groups I am in are going through some transitions. While change is good, it can be difficult. I was invited, with a few others, to comment on what is happening and have offered ideas for how to take on the growing numbers and not loose the integrity of the existing group. Even though the administrators asked for comments, it will be what they do with what they learned that will count.

Leadership has taken a different turn. Groups that are run by one or two people seldom last long. We went through the era where our leaders were killed, and now with information so readily available online (and free for the looking), no one needs a guru, and most people want to find their own way through life. What is clear, is that there are more people quilting who want to join groups, and as they get bigger, more rules or guidelines are needed for success.

Quilters are solitary beings who want to belong, want to learn, want to build relationships. 

I did finish Grace's Spring quilt topper, joined the seam for the back and have it on the list to baste. Goddess, it will be a stunning lap quilt. Pictures to come when it is further along.

One of the 12" blocks is finished too. My swap partner mentioned that she would like to make a red and white quilt some day, and loves red. I love the freedom some partners give when they are ok with whatever comes. 

This Disappearing 4-Patch is perfect for the combination of red and white.