Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I'm Back!

Yosemite was wonderful. Its a place that pictures simply do not capture the moment. I sat for a good half hour and watched a Woodpecker flit up and down two trees looking for and eating bugs. I stood by a fence and watched a rapid stream crash over boulders...the sound. I cannot explain what it did for me. And I swear I hear voices in the winds. And this pic was taken from Sentinel Bridge. Look at the still waters!

Yosemite is kept natural and is filled with people-tourists-campers from all around the world who respect what they see. No litter anywhere. No harsh sounds, no children crying. Everything is filled with wonder wherever you look. Oh I am sure people break the simple rules but they are not destructive, not abusive of the environment. Tall trees take you in and the sheer mountains settle your soul. It is a magickal place, another world outside the ordinary ones we live in. 

On the downside, outdoor toilets are at a premium. I could not believe how hard it was to find one on day one. Finding them became a priority on day two. I just wanted to know where they were!

And of course, I didn't quilt today. It was 5 hours coming home again, and then picking up and dropping off mail, depositing a couple of checks, unpacking, doing laundry and filling the bird feeder. I have more than enough on my quilting To-Do list and will be back at it in no time at all. 

Its good to be home.