Saturday, March 14, 2015


Once I accept things as they are, I can create new things. All we can ever do is accept things that happen and go on without anger or regret.

When the rest of the pattern for the BOM was revealed, it suggested that the border fabric be included within some of the blocks in small ways. I liked the red with black dots but not enough to make it a border. It doesn't pop the way a print does. The shop I went to the other day sold out of the wild print, so I headed to the other shop down the street. 

I bought enough for a floral border, FQ, a coordinating floral frame for the 12-BOMs, sashing and binding. Yup. A chunk of change. What this pic shows is 2 light FQs, 3 mediums, and 5 darks. The white floral is the border and will be repeated in the BOMs, the black floral is for the frame and the green tone-on-tone is sashing. I got another FQ in orange and set aside the red & white stripe, and the other wild print.

I put the entire project away for another day, and went back to the stars on the Constellations quilt. Lots of pinning, joining, and pressing. My goal is to match all pieces to the 50 stars.

And I've also been working on some of the 12" quilt block swaps. This one is called "Snowball 9-Patch" & is supposed to be made using solid colors. I wasn't thrilled with how seams look on the back, so started cutting a second one using a lighter green, a yellow with the white. Its not all that pretty either.