Thursday, March 26, 2015

When Wisdom Whispers

Some of my best thoughts come when I am in bed, either falling asleep or just waking up. Wisdom shines in the dark corners of my spirit in those moments. Of course, if I don't get up right away and take action, those thoughts fly away into the world of dreams never to take form.

While I did stitch another round on the paper piecing quilt and have nothing really to show on it but more parts piling up, I also spent time cleaning and rearranging the studio. Why is it that this particular chore is never-ending? Hmmm... I wish there was more storage, but then, if there was more storage, there would end up being more clutter, more stash, more.

Which reminds me of the compelling theme song for the History Channel's series "The Vikings". (pic is a strong female character of shield maiden Lathgertha, who is also an Earl.) If you want to hear the song, this is the link to it.      Yes, its become a favorite series of mine that is on both the History Channel and on Hulu as a download. One line in the song is "more, more, I want more" and refers to their need to seek more land and expand. Its a bit violent, but then so was history. The History Channel is treating this culture and the historical characters pretty close to their traditions. Its extremely well done. One of the recent episodes shows her serving as Priestess in a harvest thanksgiving ritual. It was chilling to watch.

What I need is to use up what I have and be sensible about the projects. I've pushed three quilts down the To-Do list in case my time gets shorter than I expect. I probably spend 3-5 hours a day doing some work and yet, here it is almost the end of March and the ones on top of my list are taking longer than I thought. To make things clear for myself, I've added the months to projects so I have a better idea when I want them finished for shipping. There are a few done and good to go that are no longer shown, and stored in bins.

If these top projects get finished, the ones lower on the list will move along to their next steps. I haven't liked the quilting terms like UFO or WIP because it makes it seem like they are in limbo, and maybe that is truth.

While I spend a fair amount of time with my quilt block swaps and the swapbot swaps, each of them is like a training experience where I can test my skills and think outside the quilt box. AND I have a couple of goals to learn new things. One of them was paper piecing and that was a huge learning experience. I still want to connect with a woman here in town who offered to show me how to do the free motion quilting.