Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Am I Blue?

I am a spiritual person in case you haven't seen that on this blog. I send positive energy. I pray. I do magick. Pick whichever phrase works for you and dismiss the others without needing to judge or assume my choices are either mainstream or out of the box.

Furthermore, I like people who can admit their own failures. I like people who keep going with their lives in spite of obstacles, without blaming other people or circumstances. I like people who show compassion and have tolerance. I like people who laugh so hard they cry, and cry so hard they laugh.

When I first received fabric scraps from my friend here in Tehachapi, I washed, sorted, cut and perused quilting magazines for ideas on scrap quilting. Most of those early quilts were done and have been given.

This one. This one I call Am I Blue? has been shifting around ever since then. Its really lovely. And now it has a back, batting and has been basted. I am not sure how it will get machine quilted and may be one that is used by me to practice free motion quilting. I've changed my mind about it a lot.

Me. My mind. No fault. No pressure. No fear. Its just a quilt that has been taking its own sweet time to get finished. And now it is another step closer to done.

Usually I set in the energy for a quilt as I make it and work it specifically for a person. What is so interesting is that the recipient for this quilt has changed at least three times, and so have my prayers. I know that I've been working with comforting thoughts, prayers, magick. 

This sort of electric blue is the color of Spirit and reflects peace to keep negative energies away. Blue usually produces body chemicals in us that are calming and slow human metabolism so we can rest. This particular blue is dramatic, exhilarating, and encourages confidence. All the small pieces are framed with bright, bright blue. It is a quilt top that holds a lot of life....and is going to the right person at the right time for the right reason.