Wednesday, March 4, 2015

House Block Swap

Most of the time, things happen as they should. 

Here is one of the quotes from a book last month's library group read. Some people reacted quite negatively to it and gave a lot of examples of when something happened they did not want. I still believe we draw both good and challenging aspects into our lives that make us who we are, even when I don't like it all. If you open to receive, you open to the good things as well as to what challenges you.

My 12" Christmas Block swap partner & I decided to make and swap house blocks this year. The pattern calls for enough pieces to make 2 blocks, one to keep and one to send. We both end up with two house block quilts at the end of the year.

I've been holding onto this really wildly colored decorated egg fabric and thought there would be enough for two, and unfortunately that wasn't the case. I will make one with tulips for March. And then I want to see how I can make the egg fabric work for April.

AND weather is good enough in the afternoons to get outside and work in my gardens for about an hour. I picked up 3 bags of top soil to fill the hole where the pond was, and started lifting stone over. Its a big project that will take lots of hours. I cut a section of grass, raked it, and then also blew leaves from behind the stones. I need to buy some plumbers's pipe and run it along the back wall for the electric cord to the pond.

As I got a glass of water, I looked out the window and saw a hawk near the bird feeder, waiting. Now I know why there have been feathers on the porch! Not the cat next door. I ran for the camera and zoomed in on it. Soon enough that old railing will be replaced along with new carpeting, and reinforcement of the porch and steps. Definitely, the Heavenly Bamboo plant and the arbor stay.

After basting this next quilt, I am off to the big city to pick up the quilting machine. Looks like it will need replacing before the year is out. He's tuned it up as much as he can. I want it to last through my 2014 projects, yet, will start looking and trying them out for a new purchase within the next few months. I am of a mindset that buying a higher end machine is not worth it even though I use mine heavily every day. I know how I quilt now and just need simple bells & whistles.