Friday, November 11, 2016

1111 Posts

There is a tally for a lot of things about this blog and over time, I have made 1111 entries! I haven't really looked back at any of them. I just want to keep moving forward.

I've made 16 blocks from the holiday scrap bin. Some are like this square patch, some are the strips. I need four more to make the back that will go with the big block top. so there will be 10 blocks of each type. The top pattern is what they hope it will finish at and doing these blocks mke approximate sizes too, and may take a border to equalize them. What is great is that I am using up the scraps. Thing is, now to finish those blocks, I have to cut up more 3" squares!

Its all about the pieces even though we call them scraps. They fit together if you take time to just do that work. I remember reading that the ancestors used to cut up their old dresses, shirts, skirts and pants from family members to make their quilts. As I use these squares, I remember the various quilts I made for different family members too.

I've been thinking a lot about my best friend from high school who took her life decades ago. Its funny how I can hear her voice and remember her laughter as if it was just a few hours ago. Why her spirit is with me these days is that I think I have moved through all the stages of grief into an acceptance. There is no anger at her or anyone else, no depression inside me thinking that I might have said or done something different. Its just acceptance about her choice. 

Suicide leaves people with a different kind of grief and a lot of unanswered questions.

Seeing 11:11 promotes some people to make a wish. With all that has happened in the world lately, I could wish for a lot of things to bring into the world. I could be selfish and wish for all manner of good to come to my home and to the lives of my family and friends. I learned long ago not to be specific in wishing, doing magick or praying. I learned long ago that just because I believe in a divine being, I know I am not SheWho. Yet, here it is on 11/11 that I have made 1111 entries. 

Is this a sign that my simple prayers work? I don't need a sign to know that energy is out there, that energy of peace and love I project, that energy of hope.

Its like the scraps that are pieces of who we are, the light, the dark, the bright, the others. And when all of us are together, we make something quite wonderful. Quite beautiful.