Thursday, November 24, 2016

Nothing to Show for a Good Day's Work

Admittedly, I like action movies. I must have lived another life as leader who was comfortable in battle, with all its strategy, and violence. In this lifetime, I prefer a peaceful life and do live one. No matter how brave we are, how well fitted with armor and tactics, reality gives way to that gritty experience. I don't want to train under adverse conditions. Let the Marines do that. Maybe my battle is internal and all fought in my mind, in my thoughts.

There are no photos of what is happening here in the studio.

I am halfway finished with the machine quilting on the last quilt finish for the year. My machine doesn't hold its tension as good as I would like but good enough to keep going. For as much as I use it, it has served me well. I am glad this is the last of the year for that reason.

I exchanged the two pine branches for darker colors on block #1. It meant ripping the lighter ones out and starting over. Then I worked on #3. Good goddess, what was I thinking to work with those half square triangles (HST)???? Its all turning out, but taking really a long time. This quilt is a block of the week not a block of the month. The only pressure to work on it comes from me. I've pinned what could work and will piece it later today.

It took me awhile to find the 'nurse' fabric only to discover it wasn't long enough. That switched the theme of #6. As it happens, there is not enough to do the patriotic theme with reds and blues for the quilt, so Its going to have other shades of blue that include aquas. Its going to be wonderful no matter how it turns out.

What is important is that scraps are being used!