Thursday, November 3, 2016

Bubble Quilts

Probably not. One of my Granddaughters sent me a link to the pattern that instructs one in the making of a bubble quilt. She is not a person who sews, and like so many people, does not know the mechanics of quilting. To many people, they don't see the differences in what quilts are about. They don't know that something quilted is different from something just cut like fleece, or bought at Walmart.

I worked on Seasons quilt today. After so many machined appliqué, I got how I could keep the stitch going around shapes without the stop and start. By the time the last block was finished, I felt mighty pleased with myself. 

Then it was a simple joining to the first few rows and I was onto the next row.

Love how the sunlight shines on one of the umbrellas! This pattern presented an easy way to do the blocks, and keep all three points on the geese. It was successful! However, that doesn't mean I am going to willingly work with them. I am putting this project away for now and getting back to repairing the holiday stocking.

I also took out the holiday fabric bin and sorted out some smaller 'scene' pieces that to make into mug rugs. They are so easy to assemble and will get tucked into some of my swaps. There were other larger pieces that I sorted into color families. Its going to get harder to make quilts out of the remaining scraps if they are just jumbled. I need a few plans. 

The Bubble Quilt idea I found online looks like it makes up a smaller one that might work for a baby quilt. I cannot imagine having anything larger than that small size with all that poly fill and trying to wash it. I added it to my 'to-do' list just in case the mood strikes.