Friday, November 25, 2016

Blocks #3-4

I worked on the house blocks and finished #3 & 4. What a challenge they are for me. I've stopped whining now and printed off the instructions for the next row, and even pulled out fabrics for them. Because there are not enough scraps to do my patriotic theme, it will require shifting to let the colors flow better.

People talk about tolerance and acceptance of differences all the time until the time they have to deal with it personally. Then all bets are off and judgment returns. It would be so easy to move houses and people and countries around so that they coordinate better.
I've been reading the 'real' story of the pilgrims and Natives. I've known it for most of my life, but people discover their truth as they are able to receive it. Perhaps the recent protests spark their discovery. And again, all my life, I have stood up for the indigenous people, so its not new. 

As I watch more of the quilt samples unfold, it strikes me how pleasant the solid colors are and so I am going to try and do more solids if possible. Although I re-did the tree on block #1, I do not plan to rip and re-do any others. If that happened, the quilt might go under many re-dos. It will be what it is.

I also worked on the last quilt of 2016 some more but have several stitch lines to finish before it is ready for binding. It is starting to bother me that the tension will not hold, but, again, it is doing the job for now.