Friday, November 4, 2016

From the Closet

I was once told that every problem doesn't qualify as a crisis. Yet, this time of year feels like every breath I take is the onset of a crisis. I shake my head at my beingness every year in spite of all the steps I take to make a change. Many changes. 

Yesterday, I pulled out the bin that holds holiday fabrics and sorted out several pieces that had been part of other quilts and had no home. I decided to make them into scenario mug rugs. Scraps that need to be re-purposed.

Today, they are cut, quilted and machine bound waiting for hand stitching. I took this opportunity to use decorative stitch lines. And while they were not pieced mug rugs, they are cute for the season. And if a person uses them for the season, then tossing them, well, they had a detour for awhile. Most were leftovers from other projects and other quilters, and have seen many new homes.

Shipping costs today were pretty high, and this was just the beginning. I've got a stack of boxes ready to fill, and will go in once a week every week this month.