Thursday, November 10, 2016

Scraps Into Blocks

It doesn't happen if the scraps sit in the bins. Converting them from stash into something beautiful takes time and is risky. What if I have a pattern that calls for the specific squares I've cut? 

They do me no good taking up space in my closet. They will do good for my quilting projects if I can use them in a quilt back. Then, also they do me no good if I have to buy more fabric for a back, only to have ITS scraps turn into more stash. The thing about combining numerous scraps and colors is that the more there are, the less any of it seems like it must match. I can do a theme for the front and put this on the back, perhaps using a similar focus fabric that is used on both sides to tie them together. Or a binding that works. 

I've finished with the strips that were pre-cut (by me) and am going to pull out the various squares. What will work for all this scrappiness is keeping all the blocks 12.5" square. Then, comes the layout. Well, this is a step and I need to take more of them before it is ready. However, I already know it will be lovely. 

And the 2016 projects are officially completed. There are cookies to bake and other wrapped packages to ship, but the pressure is off now.