Monday, November 14, 2016

Holiday Preparation

After trimming fabric in the holiday bin and making a front and back for a quilt, I went on to do the same with the regular fabric bin. It was sorted by color too. I pinned more of the 2.5" squares together that will become the first border in the Row Of The Month (ROM) mystery quilt.

Clearly, there is enough work to do in those bins to last me years! As I handled the fabrics, it seemed to me that I could almost hear all the women before me quilting with their scraps talking about what they meant and coming up with ideas to use what they had too. I have one last holiday gift to finish, and then the packages can be wrapped.

Yet it is the start of the cookie rush as well. And because I haven't really started, I have nothing to show that I have made. This cutter makes a cute and easy to decorate cookie. I'll do my standard cookie dough with almond flavor rather than vanilla. 

Then the next non-bake cookie is the Rice Krispy Thanksgiving Turkey Leg. I've got pretzel rods, white chocolate melting chips, cereal, and marshmellow cream. I expect them to turn out easily. I am not sure what those ends are, and so mine might not look like this.

My friend Rex nominated her closest friend to get a lap quilt from me. Her friend is also a former student of mine, so I've known her for many years. After going through all the fabrics, I came up with an idea. However, these cookies and the gifties for my Grands are a priority. Winter lasts long in WI, so the quilt will go out when it is completed.