Monday, November 21, 2016

House Block Quilt-along

I couldn't get to sleep thinking about this new scrappy quilt. One of the things that some quilters say about scrap quilting is that they don't like the chaos of it and that they need a plan. Well. It seems smart to have a plan.

I have three Great-Nieces. Their Mother passed a few years ago and their Daddy has remarried. The blue Bird Quilt is for the oldest, and the Hallows blackwork is for the middle grrrlie-girl. I didn't have a plan for the youngest, whose birthday is the day after the 4th of July.

Moda puts out a free pattern on: moda-be-my-neighbor-2016/ 
There are 16 blocks to the quilt, plus sashing and borders to finish it up. I went through several ideas for it and then realized that I didn't have a quilt concept or pattern for this youngest of my Great-Nieces. Of course, I could pull out red, white and blues, with a few accents thrown in for contrast. The challenge for me will be to use red sparingly. It can really dominate anything creative. I made the first two blocks in reds because they look barn-like to me. Now, to find some interesting squares with faces or animals to go in the windows. 

Well, to bed, to bed, says sleepy head.