Monday, November 7, 2016

missing days for the blog

It always surprises me to log on in the mornings only to discover that I have missed making an entry or two. Blogging takes commitment to write each day. Yet this blog is dedicated to lessons learned while quilting. I think there are more than a few learned every day, so when I am absent, it surprises me. I've always been the kind of person who asks what was the best part of the day, or what three things did you learn today that you didn't know before.

Well, Sunday got away from me. I took down the Hallows decor and looked at what I have for Thanksgiving. Funny how I measure my life by the holidays I celebrate. Its been almost bittersweet to resign from my teaching duties because I have no need to plan for those events nor to communicate with various students who step onto their paths and seek simple guidance. On the plus side is the fact that I am not involved in the lives and choices others make. My life is my own.

Energy is different now for me as well. Statistics say that happens as we age. I know that it is vital to remain mentally alert and physically active. This commitment to shop from my closet serves numerous purposes. It is a waste to let these things sit unused and keep buying. Its not just what is in my closet as quilting fabric, but is what I have in every part of this house.

It is not an easy way out and has become challenging to find creative ways to use what I have and make something lovely out of it all. The boxes I made ready to ship are stacked pretty high. I shipped the last of the FB14 projects this morning. Most everything else is simply at the ready.

November is a national writing month for those of us who want to write a novel. You are to write 1500 words per day. That is huge and would take hours and a big commitment. I tried yesterday to write more about LaBefana and did a little more. What I realize there too, is that to write something worth reading, one must sink into the character and the events. I have lost that.

I think the first thing I did with all this quilting was to set a goal to make every family member a quilted gift. Done. Now, it is to finish the UFOs for 2017. Having goals is great unless one sets them to avoid doing something else. I think quilting has become an avoidance technique that is keeping me from writing. I thought that if I blogged, at least I would write. 

I need to rethink all of this and put some order back into what I do in order to use my energy wisely.